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  • History and Architecture [ - ] JPMorgan Chase Tower was designed by I.M. Pei and associate architect 3D International. The building was completed in 1981 as Texas Commerce Tower. JPMorgan Chase Tower is 75 stories (1,049 feet) tall; just shy of three and a half football fields. The tower has 1.98 million square feet of gross office building space.

    JPMorgan Chase Tower was originally planned to be 80 stories tall, but the Federal Aviation Administration limited this and future buildings to 75 stories; anything higher would be labeled by the federal agency as hazardous to air navigation. JPMorgan Chase Tower has an emergency helipad on the rooftop, but has never been utilized and the rooftop is now an antenna site. The office tower is clad in pale gray polished granite, stainless steel, and gray glass. The western corner of the tower has been sheared off to form a five-sided structure. The western facet of the tower is formed by an 85 foot wide free span of glass that ascends the full height of the building. The lobby of JPMorgan Chase Tower was designed to harmonize not only with the height of the structure, but also with the portico of Jones Hall. For that reason, a story glass wall supported by a stainless steel space frame spans the entire 85-foot width of the front entrance, making the lobby area light and airy and opening up the space to the plaza outside.
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